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5 eco-friendly sleepwear brands to get your next set of pajamas



5 eco-friendly sleepwear brands to get your next set of pajamas



Sleep better with these eco-friendly pajamas



These comfortable and eco conscious brands are helping us sleep better with sleepwear made out of eco-friendly materials. Not only do they use natural products, but they contribute back by making a positive difference in the community or environment.



1: Vivaterra



Vivaterra uses a mix of bamboo and spandex for soft and comfortable sleepwear. They also design each piece with integrity and sustainability in mind.



2: Pact




Pact uses certified organic cotton, pays fair trade, and uses ZERO dyes or pesticides in their products. The combination of which gives us super comfortable eco-friendly sleepwear.

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3: NudWear




Inspired by women, socially conscious, sustainable, and fashionable. What more can you want from a sleepwear brand? Nudwear makes beautiful silk loungewear and sleepwear and has also partnered with She's the First to help girls from low-income countries get a better education. Sleep better knowing you’re making a difference. 


4: Shabby Chic




Shabby Chic’s 100% cotton sleepwear is so comfortable we immediately feel so cozy and sleepy when we put them on. It’s also made in the USA, so you’ll be supporting local businesses!



5: Lily Silk




Made out of certified eco-friendly silk it’s great for your skin as you sleep and leaves no wrinkles. It’s also cooling during the hot summers and looks incredible.


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