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5 Farm to Table Restaurants You Must Try in LA




5 Farm-to-Table Restaurants You Must Try in LA



The Next Time You’re In LA, Try These 5 Farm to Table Restaurants For A Delicious Hearty Meal.


The city of sunshine doesn’t just produce sunny people, but all that vitamin D makes their organic produce extra tasty! Support the local business, reduce the carbon footprint of food. Try these 5 organic restaurants in LA the next time you visit, and get a super dose of healthy nutrients in a fulfilling meal.



1: Girasol




Chef CJ Jacobson of Top Chef takes local eating to whole other level. Girasol serves delicious vegan and organic options. The tender octopus salad with fresh greens is a must.

Location: 11334 Moorpark St, Los Angeles, CA 91604


2: Forage


Source: Travel + Leisure.


At this hip gourmet deli, a portion of the fruits and veggies comes from backyard gardeners in the city. So you'll really get a taste of LA when you sample one of their bountiful salads, which can be paired with juicy proteins like rotisserie chicken or grilled salmon.


Location: 3823 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026



3: Industriel


Source: Travel + Leisure.


This au courant downtown eatery bills its "urban farm cuisine" as old-country French fare like grandma makes—if grandma had sleeve tattoos. Don't be surprised to find absinthe in your bouillabaisse! Veggies come from daily farmers’ market trips, and everything from the goat cheese to the bread is prepared in-house.


Location: 609 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017



4: Salt's Cure



Talk about farm-to-table: no ingredient travels longer than six hours (by car) to arrive at this New American kitchen. Though the daily-changing menu is limited to what fits on a small chalkboard, there's nothing undersized about the portions or the pure flavors, whether it's a thick-cut, butchered-to-order pork chop or a plate of roasted carrots.


Location: 1155 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038






Moodily lit, buzzy spot with seasonal American small & large plates, plus an ample wine & beer list. Oxtail dumplings and Pork Chicharrón are Must-Try.


Location : 602 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, California 90401


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