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5 Natural Makeup Brands You Need to Try



5 Natural Makeup Brands You Need to Try



Summer is officially over. Let’s say goodbye to that no-makeup look with sheer lip glosses. It's time to say hello to smokey eyes and matte red lipsticks for Fall!

Before you run to the shop to buy new additions to your F/W makeup collection, have you considered organic makeup? Going organic with your makeup will not only be a more eco-friendly, but a skin-friendly option as well.

Here are 5 best organic makeup brands to help you update your look for the upcoming seasons.


1: Zuii

Zuii organic makeup brand cosmetic


This certified organic brand creates cosmetics without harsh toxins and chemicals. All of their products are made using natural ingredients such as organic flower petals of Rose, Jasmine, and Chamomile.


Visit them at:


2: RMS beauty


RMS beauty strives to create cosmetics that are not only a quick-fix for spots but to create a base for long-term beauty. Their famous eye pots and lip tints are made with ingredients such as coconut oil which creates an amazing light-weight texture that melts into your skin.


Visit them at:


3: ZAO




Bamboo is used in every aspect of ZAO's line, with the tree for the packaging, the powder extracted from the tree for the makeup, and the oils from the bamboo leaf are used to enhance the health of your skin. To minimize their carbon footprint, they use controlled harvested bamboos for their products.  


Visit them at:

4: Alima Pure




With a motto of minimum ingredients with maximum impact, Alima Pure creates their products with finest products that are completely free of synthetic dyes. Their products are designed to empower modern confident girl-bosses. Now run the world girls, with flawless skin!

Visit them at:






W3LL PEOPLE was created with an environmentally friendly vision with the help of a makeup artist and a dermatologist. With their products being free from harsh chemicals, preservatives or petroleums, their ingredients are made from 100% clean and natural ingredients including organic aloe, organic chamomile, and organic green tea.


visit them at:


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