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6 Sushi Hybrids You Need To Try



6 Sushi Hybrids You Need To Try



Sushi Is Always A Good Choice



As with all food trends, a love-baby hybrid is going to show up at some point and become a viral hit. As the inventor of sushi burritos says “To deem something as merely traditional is to shortchange continuous human creativity and innovation”. We all love sushi and are more than excited to see it incorporated into all these other dishes. Here are 6 that you should try if you’re a sushi-lover. 



1: Sushi Donuts




Two things you would never think go together are sushi and donuts. But low and behold, put them together and you create magic. The round shaped rice with sashimi and avocado toppings are not only pretty to look at but make it easier to hold and eat! The more reason there is to eat sushi, the better.



2: Sushi Burritos




Another sushi hybrid that makes it easier to hold your rice and fish. The sushi burrito was born out of a lack of fast, casual, but high-quality sushi, Sushiritto’s founder decided to combine LA’s two most beloved foods and thus the sushi burrito was born.




3: Sushi Taco With Seaweed Shell




This sushi hybrid looks delicious and filling! Not to mention fresh fish, a little carbs, and seaweed is great for you! Sushi in this style is great for people on the go or people that want to just enjoy a little sake at brunch.




4: Sushi Taco With Taco Shell




For a more intense taco hybrid, try your sushi taco with a hard taco shell. It’ll hold your toppings better and add a little crunch which goes amazing with rice and fish!



5: Chicken Katsu Sushi Burger



While this may not be fish, the Japanese-style chicken katsu burger is too delicious to pass up. Check out this blog post on The Flavor Bender to see how you can make your own.



6: Sushi Burger




You’re not in the states if you’re not eating some kind of burger, so why not make it a sushi burger? This one uses fresh salmon and guac and two delicious rice patties to make a gorgeous and picturesque lunch for you!




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