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8 Best Vegetarian Burgers in New York City




8 Best Vegetarian Burgers in New York City



Try these vegetarian burgers that are just as good (and maybe even better) than their beef alternatives.


Ever wanted a burger but had to stop yourself? Now there’s no reason to stop yourself with healthy and hearty burgers made from delicious and non-meat ingredients. Try these 8 vegetarian burgers and vegan options in New York City.



1: Superiority Burger


Superiority Burger

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For $6 you can get a hearty veggie burger and grain patty, made out of faro, barley, and quinoa.


Address: 430 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009



2: Shake Shack


Shake Shack

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While Shake Shack might not be known for its vegetarian meals, their shroom burger is high on our list for its delicious flavors, excellent textures, and the same crunch and oil that meat burgers are known for.



3: Organic Grill


Organic Grill

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Organic, gluten-free, local, vegan-oriented. Oh and delicious.

Address: 123 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003



4: Momofuku Nishi


Momofuku Nishi

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Wait, this doesn’t look vegetarian, how’d it make the list? Psyche this impossible burger is ALL vegetable! (besides the bun of course, but I guess wheat counts?) The ‘bleeding’ patty is made by Impossible Foods, a startup focused on creating sustainable and meat-less foods. This is the true meat replacement of the future and it’s now being served in your local Momofuku.


Address: 232 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011



5: Cinnamon Snail


Cinnamon Snail

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Gojuchang Burger is a delicious, messy, burger at Cinnamon Snail. The food court counter-serve is known for its vegan pastries and sandwiches.


Address: West 33rd Street & 7th avenue, Manhattan, NY 10005



6: Quantum Leap


Quantum Leap

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Quantum Leap serves the most delicious vegan burger with a side of garlic fries in Greenwich Village. You can see the flavor in the patty.


Address: 226 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012



7: Chickpea & Olive Food Truck


Image credit:


This amazing food truck serves vegan burgers, sandwiches, and salads for the person on the go. Check them out at Smorgasburg this summer!

Address: 214 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215



8: Bareburger


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Bareburger is a burger chain steadily catching steam and becoming one of the best fast-food joints. Casual, organic, and mouth-watering delicious. Their vegan burgers are wholesome and hearty.




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