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6 Eco Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas




6 Eco Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas


As we head into gifting season, make sure you know exactly what to get your loved ones!


The holidays are stressful, but with this handy list, you’ve got a bunch of organic and eco-friendly gift ideas to show your loved one you care.


1: Send Flowers


Flowers are always a thoughtful beautiful gift. They’re also the one thing people always overlook when thinking of organic presents! Show you care by gifting your loved ones a fresh bouquet. See our blog post on flower delivery places in New York!



2: Make DIY Cards


For something handmade and thoughtful you can make your own cards! To make it even more special, try making plantable holiday cards. These are cards with seeds embedded in them so that once they’re put in some soil and water, they sprout and create beautiful little decorations.

Make them in batches so you can send them out to all your friends and family!

See our how to here



3: Buy Minimalistic Stationary


These adorable little books are the perfect holiday gift in luxurious colors. Whimsical, functional, and also water-proof, get these for a friend that likes to write or draw and see them fill it up with inspirational posts. See more minimal stationery ideas here



4: Try On Eco-friendly Sweater



These Merino Wool Sweaters are perfect for the holiday season! Soft, comfortable, and made in perfect pastel hues, your friend is sure to love them. Why not get two to match?



5: Get Pretty And Eco-friendly Candles


These candles are the hottest trend this season, pun intended. Made from soy, beeswax, and other natural ingredients, they lack the toxins that make traditional candles dangerous! Buy a few different scents for your friend to try out and keep some for yourself because we know you want to! Check out 5 eco-friendly candles for you to try



6: Take them out on a date


As a gift, take your friend or loved one on a thoughtful beautiful date. With hundreds of organic and eco-friendly restaurants in New York (Check List Here )

it’s the perfect excuse to try them out while also surprising them! The best way to start the holiday is sitting with someone special, delicious meals on your table and organic wines in your hands.


If you enjoyed this blog post, make sure you comment and share! Let us know what you would get your friend for the holidays in the comment section below!


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