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Emma Watson: Why Sustainable Fashion Matters.




Emma Watson: Why Sustainable Fashion Matters.



A look at Emma Watson and her push for more sustainable fashion.


Emma Watson: Dressing in sustainable fashion


Emma Watson in Elle UK’s spread. Check out more ecofriendly and sustainable vest dresses


Emma Watson is an avid advocate for all things right in the world. Feminism, sustainability, environmental awareness. What can’t she do? Recently featured on Elle UK’s woman of the year, she talks about gender equality and sustainability in fashion. The photoshoot featured Emma Watson in beautiful sustainable clothes that were vintage or made from recycled materials.


Emma Watson and sustainable fashion


Her collaboration with eco-friendly brands was created out of her love for sustainable fashion and slow-fashion timeless pieces. The chic slits in her pencil skirt are perfect for an office (or presentation at the UN if you’re Emma Watson) to night out look. And that’s exactly the point. Sustainable fashion works when you can wear pieces to any function, and wear them multiple times.


 Shop Emma’s look. Pair your organic wool turtleneck sweater, with a long skirt for a modern chic look that’s modest but cool.


Emma Watson at the Met Gala in a recyclable dress

The unforgettable recycled gown debuted at the 2016 Met Gala.


And who can forget her stunning Calvin Klein gown at the 2016 Met Gala. Made out of recycled bottles that had been re-engineered into yarn, the dress was also a promoter of slow-fashion. Since 2015 she has taken part in the Green Carpet Challenge seeing that anything she wears on the red carpet is created ethically and promotes sustainability. What a great way to use the press to promote environmental awareness in a fashionable way.


Emma Watson at the UN.

 At the UN giving a talk on campus safety, wearing an eco-friendly wool sweater


Speaking to CNN on sustainable fashion Emma had this to say: “The fashion industry is the second-biggest pollutant of fresh water on the planet. It has such a huge environmental impact and such a big human impact. And it’s just not enough for me anymore that it’s a beautiful item or a beautiful piece. I want to know that it’s not leaving a negative mark”


And thanks to Emma’s proactive stance on eco-friendly and sustainable fashion there has been an increase in brands stepping up to the responsibilities we all share in taking care of this planet. The rise in popularity of Tencel to more clothes dedicated to slow-fashion we’re seeing a change in the environment for the better.


We can’t wait to see what eco-friendly trends she represents in 2017.


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  • Rob Schneider: March 14, 2017

    Emma is going to be the face of female actors.

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