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International Women’s Day: Why You Need to Know These Women Artists




International Women’s Day: Why You Need to Know These Women Artists



Happy international women’s day. Add these environmental women artists to your inspiration list.


International women’s day is a celebration of women and their achievements in politics, environmental awareness, the arts, and other important aspects of life. The first international women’s day was held right here in New York in 1909. It was organized in remembrance of another important strike: International Ladies Garment Worker's Union.

We’ve compiled a list of important women artists that have not only contributed to the art scene but to raising environmental, social, and political awareness.


Agnes Denes

International women's day: Agnes DenesWheatfield - A Confrontation by Agnes Denes

Born: 1931, Budapest

Style: Conceptual Artist, Large environmental installations.

Notable Work: Wheatfield - A Confrontation

Wheatfield - A Confrontation was one of Agnes Denes most well-known works. Created in 1982 for a 6 month period. She picked a run down landfill by the financial center of Manhattan and planted two-acres of wheat which was later harvested. The field faced the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center and Wall Street. By planting wheat on expensive property the installation called attention to people’s misplaced priorities. What’s more, after the wheat had grown, the seeds were brought to The International Art Show for the End of World Hunger where other artists were able to plant in all around the world.

Andrea Polli

International Womens Day Environmental Artists - Heat and the heartbeat of the city

Heat and the Heartbeat of the City: by environmental artist Andrea Polli

Born: 1968, USA

Style: Video and Sound Media Installations

Notable Work: Heat and The Heartbeat of The City

Heat and the Heartbeat of the City explores the impact on New York City due to rising temperatures. The video uses sonification (audio compositions created from raw data) and colors to explore the effects of increased temperatures. As viewers experience more intense sounds as time move forwards, the intensity of the situation is visually and audibly obvious.

Maya Lin

Environmental artists: Maya Lin and the Vietnam Memorial Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C

Born: 1959, Greece

Style: Sculpture and Land Art

Notable Work: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Maya Lin has created pieces that you have definitely walked by. From the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (DC)  to the Museum of Chinese in America (NYC) and the Civil Rights Memorial (Montgomery) her sculptures stand as strong memorials to all the people that have fought for their rights. It is more than fitting to acknowledge Maya Lin and her contributions to the world on International Women’s Day.

Fereshteh Alamshah

Environmental artists: Fereshteh Alamshah plastic art work

Junah's Fish is a commentary film on plastic waste by environmental artist: Fereshteh Alamshah.

Born: 1977, Iran

Style: Painter, Video and environmental artist

Notable Work: Junah’s Fish

Fereshteh Alamshah has a strong take on plastic, and rightly so. She believes it to be one of the most harmful destructive pollutants and has dedicated several works to highlight its dangers. Her artistic video “Junah’s Fish” was performed in a drying pond where it’s inhabitants struggle to survive. In the end of the video they wrap themselves in plastic and lie on the ground. A strong statement to the suffocating qualities of plastic on the human race and the planet. Fereshteh states:

“People who surround plastic around themselves are symbols of humans who not only devastate and destroy nature and earth, by their hands but also, damage their life and their children‘s life within the nature cycle. Plastic, for me, is symbol of pollutants.”

Guadalupe Urbina

Environmental Artists: Singer Guadalupe Urbina from Costa Rica

Guadalupe is a prominent environmental artist from Costa Rica. 

Born: 1959, Costa Rica

Style: Poetry, music.

Notable Work: Madre De La Mar

Guadalupe is an environmental artists and the president of the Voz Propia Foundation in Costa Rica. The mission of this foundation is the preserve and create artistic and ecological projects to raise awareness throughout the world.

Alma Thomas

International Women's Day celebrating Environmental Artists: Alma Thomas

An Alma Thomas painting that is decorating the White House. One of the first African American paintings to be in the historical building.

Born: 1891, USA

Style: Painting

Notable Work: Watusi (Hard Edge)

Alma Thomas has recently been re-recognized for her work when Michelle Obama decorated the White House with two of her paintings, the first African American art to be displayed in the White House. Her work has been described as “forward-looking without being radical; post-racial but also race-conscious”. The fact that it’s one of the first paintings by an African American artist to be displayed in the White House is monumental, raising awareness in equal representation.


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