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Millennial Pink Accessories You’ll Want In Your Capsule Closet




Millennial Pink Accessories You’ll Want In Your Capsule Closet



Why Millennial Pink Is A Capsule Closet Color


Look around Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and you’ll instantly see this new color we’re all raving about. Millennial pink isn’t actually new but has been popular for decades. A light, pastel, pink that ranges from peachy to beige. Designers are using it for retro vintage looks, as well as creating modern pieces that look good on anyone. From the 60’s to 2060’s it’s going to be a color that will keep popping up. So add a little pink to your capsule closet because it’s a color that’s going to stay. Check out what millennial pink accessories other people are wearing.



Amigo Circle Bag in Rosé



This adorable shoulder bag is inspired by 80’s prom dresses and has inspiring words on the inside lining! Soft suede leather gives it a timeless feel, while the color is great for brightening up an all-white or all-black outfit.



Pink Mesh Tank



If you want to look good while you work out (and who doesn’t) try Nike’s trendy mesh tank. Breathable, comfortable, but most importantly on trend, it’s a great top to have for daily wear.



Reebok x Local Heroes NPC II Sneaker



In a heaven-made collaboration, Reebok teamed up with Local Heroes to bring us the ultimate sneaker. It’s soft and cushioned which is important when you’ll be wearing these days to night, and fashionable and furry, which is also important because it looks too darn cute.



Environmental Jewelry Millenial Pink Bangle



Here is a gorgeous bracelet that’s not only millennial pink but also environmentally conscious. Inspired by nature and carefully crafted out of dried rice grains, these unique jewelry pieces are more than meets the eye. Plus, with each jewelry purchase, Environmental Jewelry donates a kilo of rice to a person in need in Indonesia.



Burkina Slide Sahara Suede



For the casual comfy days, style your outfit with these sustainable handmade Burkina slides. All these shoes are handmade with bi-products or environmentally conscious materials. With these shoes, you’ll be leaving the right kind of foot print on this earth.



SiiZU Munin Sleeveless Sweater



Pair your eco-friendly shoes with an eco-friendly sweater, just in time for fall. This Munin Tencel sleeveless sweater is the perfect accessory to your capsule closet because it works in all weather. Zero-waste, organic, recycled, and vegan. Shop here.



Coccinelle Bucket Bag


What’s more timeless than the bucket bag? The bucket bag has been a trend since the 1900’s and is just as popular today. It’s a purchase you know will last in your capsule closet for years to come.



Shashi April Earrings



Thoughtfully designed, driven by sustainability, cute, and versatile. Those are the words you embody when you put on Shashi’s delightful earrings. Personal and designed to last, these millennial pink earrings make the perfect addition to a capsule closet’s accessory drawer.



What are your favorite millennial pink accessories? Share in the comments below





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