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Organic food delivery in NYC - Eats of The Week



Organic food delivery in NYC



Maybe it’s just one of those busy mornings, you’re so tired of thinking about what you want for lunch, you've visited all the mouth-watering organic restaurants in New York but don't want to leave the building right now. Rest assured, you are not alone! Here we share our secret list of organic restaurants that deliver. 


1: Sakara


Based on a “whole-food, plant-rich diet,” Sakara delivers balanced, seasonal meals and has a strict policy against processed foods, additives, preservatives, and added sugar.


Sakara organic food delivery


Visit them at 


2: Freshology


Designed for “weight loss and healthy living", Freshology offers customized meal programs to help you reach your goal.  Once you select the length of your program online, you’ll receive two to four days’ worth of color-coded meals to take the guesswork out of planning. 


freshology organic food delivery


 Visit them here:



3: Glaze Teriyaki


Popular Chinese take out with a modern, gluten-free and organic take. Get some chicken breast teriyaki that will teleport you without leaving your room.


Glaze Teriyaki organic food delivery

Visit them here: 



4: Fresh Direct


The in-house nutrition team works with chefs to create balanced meals, and you can sort them by nutritional need (low cholesterol, low sodium, etc.) before you order.

Plus, each meal comes with a full nutritional breakdown that highlights its shining-star nutrients, like the Yogurt Chicken and Roasted Vegetables Meal Kit, which is high in vitamin A, calcium, and iron. Veggies aren’t 100 percent organic, but they do use antibiotic-free chicken and sustainable salmon.


fresh direct organic food meal delivery


 Visit them here:


5: Munchery


Nutrition and ingredient sourcing comes second to foodie flair and convenience, but ingredients feel fresh and there are plenty of healthy options to choose from, you just have to find them.

Choose the chilled sake-poached salmon over the classic American cheeseburger, for example. They make it easy to do that by listing all ingredients and nutrition facts, and labeling each meal with easy takeaways like gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.


Munchery organic food meal delivery


Visit them here:


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