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Our Favorite Urban Jungle Bloggers



Our Favorite Urban Jungle Bloggers



These Instagrams are filled with interior Inspo and lush plants.



Scrolling through Instagram is one of our favorite past time. But curating your feed is just as important as curating your own page. These are our favorite people to follow to get our fix on interior design, plants, and home accessories.



1: @Keely.Mann



Keely Mann is a self-described wife, mom, and homebody. But she’s so much more than that. With a keen and talented eye for design, she’s currently renovating their house in the woods into a gorgeous modern bohemian home. Just look at this living room!



2: @Mango_manor



Pure Magic. That’s what it feels like looking into Kelli Collins home. Textures, colors, patterns, all vibrant with tonnes of personality, yet beautifully put together so that it’s not overwhelming. A plant here, a jungle mural there, and you’ve walked straight into an ethereal wonderland.



3: @Dabito



We LOVE color doors, so that orange door is pulling right at our heartstrings. Plus the plants in all levels of the room from the floor, the shelves, to ceilings. Designer Dabito’s Instagram shows how plants belong all over your home.



4: @Joelixjoelix



Joelix loves using leafy plants to accentuate pastel tones. Minimalist, quirky, and fun. The use of green goes so well against the whites, yellows, and pinks. If you’re looking for something light and fun, Joelix’s page has a plethora of home decor inspirations.



5: @Hiltoncarter



On the other end of the spectrum, we have Hilton Carter. Hilton Carter KNOWS the power of plants. His home is a step away from colorful bohemian and a step towards modern, mature, and timeless. His home is the kind of place where time seems to stand still, and all you can do is be in the moment.


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