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Plant The Paper - Trendy Seed Paper


Plant The Paper - Seed Paper

Green Paper seed paper



One of our favourite trending crafts has been pressed seed papers. That is, paper with seeds embedded within them, so you can plant them, or when you discard the paper, the seeds grow out of them helping the environment.


Dentsu x Mainichi created the first green newspaper, so that you can grow plants from strips of paper, great for the environment, amazing for the community.


seed paper minimalism



Here’s how you can make your own seed paper:


  • Soak a bowl of striped paper, cut into small pieces in a bowl of water overnight.
  • Put the paper in a blender with fresh water filled halfway, and blend until soupy.
  • Fill a baking pan half-way with water and pour in the goopy mixture.
  • Place a screen (embroidery screens work best) and slide it under the mixture.
  • Lift the screen slowly, to gently let water drip out.
  • Lay the screen on some towels to drain out excess water.
  • Here is where you sprinkle the seeds on top! Add whatever flowers or herbs you like.
  • When the towel has soaked up the majority of the water (usually takes a night), flip the screen over onto some wax paper to allow to dry.
The paper should be ready in 24 hours!


This is such a fun crafts project, that you can use as beautifully thought out gifts. Make ones with your friends favourite flowers, and send them the paper with a note on it. Dye the pulp to get different coloured papers!


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  • Raydene Salinas: February 24, 2017

    Can’t wait to try this! Sounds too simple… :)

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