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Sustainable Fashion Accessories That Make Your Life A Little More Eco Friendly



Sustainable Fashion Accessories That Make Your Life A Little More Eco-Friendly


Recycle these tips, the hottest sustainable fashion styles are here.


New York - With the passing of New York Fashion week, we’re putting together some trendy sustainable fashion styles to keep a look out for. This season, green is the new black. Check out these upcoming sustainable fashion accessories to go with your eco-friendly closet.



Sustainable undergarments



Sustainable Fashion Accessories: Cute Recycled Underwear

Be sustainable inside out, from your underwear to your sweaters. You’ll feel so much better as eco-friendly fashion is made from fabrics that are naturally better for your skin and offer a longer lifecycle than polyester clothes.


>La Vie En Orange, is an upcoming underwear brand started by Kori Jock. A fashion design graduate, Kori has been making her own underwear for a while when she decided to share her talent with the rest of the world! Send her your favorite unused t-shirts so that she can turn them into cute cotton underwear.



Supporting Artisanal Efforts


Sustainable Fashion Accessories: Supporting Artisanal Efforts

We’re finally reaching the point where artists have the right to say to their work! And it’s amazing. No more big brands stealing ideas, the biggest sustainable fashion trend is acknowledging and wearing artisanal works. They’re special, they’re thoughtful, and usually made by hand, reducing waste on the environment.


Brother Vellies makes amazing shoes designed and hand made in South Africa, Kenya, and Morocco. These shoes bring artisanal power and sustainable jobs back to the creators and uses traditional methods to keep the culture alive.



Knowing what you’re putting on and in your body


Sustainable Fashion Accessories: Eco-friendly Tampons 

In an eye-opening video, women were questioned about the tampons they used and to much shock did not know what was in them! We didn’t too until we started looking into it. While access to tampons and pads should be basic rights, they should also be safe to use! >MyLola produces 100% organic cotton tampons that are safe to use (0 toxins, 0 additives) and are also safe for the environment. They now also offer liners, and thin pads with the option to tailor your box to your period needs.


While we’re on the subject of periods

Sustainable Fashion Accessories: THINX


This is one of our favorite revolutionary companies. Thinx has been market changing for people with periods. Their fun and upfront approach about periods has us not just accepting the fact that periods happen but celebrating them. Easy to use, comfortable, and most importantly eco-friendly. By reusing their absorbent underwear you save $$$ and don’t have to throw away tonnes of pads, tampons, etc every month. Plus they look cute.


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