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The 5 Greenest Cities In The World

The 5 Greenest Cities In The World

Check out these green cities making differences to our planet


Consider these cities for your next vacation. Making waves as the greenest cities of the world, these top destinations will be a breath of fresh air. Literally.



Portland, Oregon


You might know this city from its quirky show: Portlandia, but the caricatures aren’t far off. Portland is one of the states greenest cities. It uses 20% more renewable energy than the national average, has banned plastic bags and is actively working towards improving total recycling.



Copenhagen, Denmark


An archeological heaven both in design and forward thinking. Since 2005 Singapore has made it mandatory that buildings be Green: use less energy and water, and improve air quality, subsequently improving mental, emotional, and physical health.


Read more about their Green Building plan.



Reykjavik, Iceland


Using hydropower and geothermal energy is this small Icelandic town’s strengths. Although its population is small, so is its impact on the environment. Following top eco-friendly practices, Reykjavik is one of the greenest cities in the world and promises to be 100% reliant on renewable sources.




Vancouver, Canada


93% of Vancouver's electricity is generated from renewable sources, an incredible feat for a busy Canadian city. It has also implemented the greenest building codes in all of North America. Its dedication does not go unnoticed as its plans will increase green jobs, reduce emissions, and be better for the world overall.


Read more about their Green Action Plan.





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