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The Best Jungle Themed Accessories For Your Home

The Best Jungle Themed Accessories For Your Home

Plants, eco-friendly furniture, and more. These are must-haves for your home.



Wood slice tables


These gorgeous tables made out of wood are a great way to accentuate certain pieces, plus bring in a woodsy element. Place them in your living room for a place to keep your favorite accessories.


Try this Recycled Indian Teak Wood Slice Tables from Vivaterra.



Floral Wallpaper


Add in fabulous splashes of color to your bathroom with these excellent floral wallpapers. We’re in love with adding these vibrant fruits and plants in our rooms. Plus they’re so easy to use.


Check out the Botanica wallpaper from Devon&Devon.



Bamboo Rugs


Bamboo is a naturally sturdy material and is better at drawing moisture than cotton or polyester. They’re eco-friendly to farm and promote a healthier home lifestyle.


The Pacific Tide Bamboo rugs from Natural Rug Co comes in a variety of patterns and colors.



Crochet Wall Hangings


Handmade, self-designed, and full of personality, these wall hangings are the perfect accessory for a jungle themed home. Hang them up by a bookshelf, or behind some plants to add an extra layer to your wall and surroundings.


Check out these handmade wall hangings by NomaMacrame



Big Leafy Plants


The bigger the plants the better! Go from horizontal snake plants to the sunny Monstera Deliciosa, or the ambitious palm plant. All these gorgeous new friends will be a great addition to your home.


Check out our blog post on other unique plants for your home.




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