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Vegan Christmas Cake Recipes



Vegan Christmas Cake Recipes



Try these delicious vegan Christmas cakes this holiday!



Check out these recipes that won’t make you feel guilty about having an extra slice of cake this holiday! Completely vegan, you can always modify the recipes to include/exclude ingredients. Happy holidays.  



Vegan Christmas Fruit Cake



Home baked goods are the best. Try this family recipe by Suma which turns a fruitcake recipe vegan-friendly.


Try the recipe by Suma here. 



No-bake vegan chocolate fudge bars



For a bite-size cake, bits try these no-bake vegan fudge bars. Using raw cocoa, cashews, and pecans, these bars will also give you a burst of energy to keep your spirits high all holiday long.


Check out the recipe here.



Chocolate Sweet Potato Spice Cake



Try this luxurious chocolate sweet potato Christmas cake. With hints of orange and spice, this chocolate cake will be a holiday surprise.


Try this recipe here.



Divine Carrot Cake



It’s all in the name. This is a divine carrot cake which uses whole wheat flour, nuts, oranges, and carrots. A sweet ending to a heavy holiday meal!


See the recipe here.



Spiced Fruit And Nut Christmas Cake



Here is an egg-less, vegan-friendly Christmas cake that the entire family can enjoy. Using flaxseed, ginger, spices, and coconut oil, you can have a chewy sweet, and flavorful dessert.


See the recipe by Vegan Richa.



Vegan Chocolate Christmas Cake



A very special cake, for a very special day. It has deep chocolate flavors and orange zest to freshen it up. This is a must-have cake!


See the recipe by Pastry Chef Online.



Mini Vegan Gingerbread Cakes



For bite-sized desserts, try this sweet and spicy vegan gingerbread cake. So addicting it’s a good thing they’re mini!


See the recipe by Cooking Light. 


Raw and Vegan Christmas Cake



This is an extravagant, raw, vegan, and no-bake cake by Deliciously Raw. Made from banana, coconut oil, and oat flour, this cake has a delicious base, which you can build up from and add as you wish!


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