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What To Do In New York's Upper East Side



What To Do In New York's Upper East Side



Have A Day In The Upper East Side? Check Out These Things To Do


The upper east side is home to stars, small dogs, and gold hydrants. It’s where Serena and Blair rule the upper class, where Don Draper lives in a massive mid-century apartment, and where Carrie Bradshaw writes her columns. It’s full of history, personality, and fun things to do. Live like your favorite characters for a day and check out these things to do in the Upper East Side.


1: Bluestone Lane



You can’t go to the Upper East Side without eating avocado toast for brunch. At Bluestone Lane their smashed avocado is fresh and filling and we can’t get enough! Just look at it, our mouths are watering already.



2: The Simone



The Simone is a classic French restaurant by chef Chip Smith and wife Tina Vaughn. Opened in 2013, it’s been a go-to place for an authentic experience and beautiful French food. The reservations are made in a book, the menus are handwritten in cursive, at The Simone you’ll feel like you stepped right into the original upper east side.



3: The Metropolitan


The upper east side is also home to New York’s best museums and galleries. And of-course you have to see the one and only Metropolitan. It’s a whole day affair with over 2 million square feet of floor space. A sprawling cultural landmark that houses the world’s finest art-work and historical artifacts.



4: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum



Cooper Hewitt is a fantastic museum. It’s an interactive museum that allows you to save art works on a pen device, draw on their boards, and create your own wallpaper. It’s based in Andrew Carnegie’s, a philanthropist and steel magnate, former mansion. The museum also sits by a huge lawn where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful weather.



5: Guggenheim



Go in for the architecture, stay for the art-work. The Guggenheim is an eccentric building that houses the most innovative abstract and minimalist works from around the world. Walk through it’s spiralling galleries to suddenly find yourself at the top looking down at all the other circling people. Walking through the gallery is an art piece in itself.



6: Sushi Seki



After all that you deserve an Upper East Side lunch. Stop by Sushi Seki to treat yourself to a decadent and out of this country meal.



7: Bemelmans Bar



You only have to see Bemelmans Bar to understand why it’s the go-to place for celebrities. Beautiful murals decorating the walls, a high-society and secretive aura, and THE best martinis in New York City. Bemelmans will transform you.


What’s your favorite thing to do in the Upper East Side?



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