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What You Should Know About Oktoberfest in NYC



What You Should Know About Oktoberfest in NYC



Huge beers, huge pretzels, huge dance parties. Oktoberfest is NYC’s event of the month.



What is Oktoberfest?



Before it became what it is today, Oktoberfest came about in 1810, when Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in Munich. The following celebrations took place in Bavaria which ended up lasting a week. It is now celebrated annually from late September to early October throughout the world.



Where is Oktoberfest?


Oktoberfest takes place in all five boroughs of New York City. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to find an Oktoberfest party nearby. Here are a couple places you can celebrate.


Location: Central Park


Date: September 15

Head to Central Park for a parade, food, and drinks! With bands like “Heimat Klänge” and “The Polka Brothers” playing, it’ll be a guaranteed good time.


Location: Pier 15, Watermark Bar

Date: Weekends September 21 - October 14

At Watermark Bar for four weekends straight, they’ll be searching authentic German beer along with German food. Don’t miss out on their $15 liter-tall Steins. Enjoy the views and sky-high beers at this water-side bar.


Location: East River, Munich Restaurant

More info:

Date: Weekends September 28 - October 7

For the fifth year in a row, Munich Restaurant will be opening their doors for a packed Oktoberfest party. Get traditional beer as well as food, including vegetarian options. If you think you have what it takes, join in their Strongman Competition!



What should I eat at Oktoberfest?


Oktoberfest is filled with traditional beer, as well as traditional food. Bring this list with you to help you order!


Schweinebraten - Roast Pork

This is a delicious, mix of pork cuts that have been roasted for a long and slow time in a sauce.


Steckerlfisch - Grilled Fish on a Stick

A speciality dish in Austria, Bavaria, and Franconia. This fish is grilled over charcoal on a stick and becomes a crispy but fleshy treat. Mackeral is commonly used.


Brezen - Pretzels

You can’t have Oktoberfest without pretzels. Get yours topped with salt or mustard.


Würstl - Sausages

Made from pork or beef meat and wrapped with a casing of sheep intestine. Sausages are then smoked to give it an extra depth of flavor.


Reiberdatschi / Latkes - Potato Pancakes

These golden delights are made from grated potatoes which are then fried. A perfect festival snack.


Have Oktoberfest tips or stories? Share them in the comments below.



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