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Where To Find Vintage Clothes In New York City



Where To Find Vintage Clothes In New York City



Here are some of our favorite thrift stores for vintage clothes in the city.


In this day and age, everything is making a comeback and it’s looking good. Reusing your own clothes, or reusing other people’s is an art of it’s own. 60’s lipstick with a 90’s choker and a comfy old sweater from the back of your closet make a fantastic outfit. Plus it’s economical and environmentally friendly! Check out other tips for curating an ethical wardrobe. Rummaging through several vintage shops to find that perfect skirt to go with your old shirt from college is one of the most satisfying moments you could give yourself.


Here are our top picks for vintage clothes in New York City.



1: Olive’s Very Vintage



Olive’s Very Vintage is what your closet would look like if all your friend’s were designers. Fortunately you just need the one as Olive’s Very Vintage is owned and run by Jen McCullough, former stylist! The curated pieces in this vintage shop go from flowery summer colors to beautiful designer handkerchiefs. Check it out on Court Street in Brooklyn.


Address: 434 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231



2: Pippin Vintage Jewelry



When you first walk in, it feels like you’re walking right into someone’s eccentric and lavish armoire. Glittering jewels line the shelves, authentic pearl necklaces layer down from velvet stands, and gold bracelets call at you from their glass box. Pippin Vintage Jewelry will have the special ring you’re looking for, and everything in between.


Address: 112 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011



3: People Of 2morrow


Sitting in the middle of Greenpoint is the sunlit vintage shop, People Of 2Morrow. You’ll find beautiful characteristic pieces from all around the world in between unique accessories. This is where you go to find that one staple piece that has an amazing back-story.


Address: 65 Franklin St. Brooklyn, New York, NY 11222.



4: Goodwill


Goodwill can get a little overwhelming but this is where you’ll find the best clothes for the cheapest price.


One second hand store that I swear by is Goodwill. This is where most vintage and second hand clothes first end up. This is where you get the full thrifting experience. Diving into a pile of clothes, finding the perfect used purse, cashmere sweaters, and even fabulous furniture. However, it could take you hours to find one perfect thing so it’s always good to go to Goodwill with an open mind.


Check out the one on Livingston St in Brooklyn or the Upper East Side for a better selection of vintage clothes.



5: Beacon’s Closet


Another huge thrift store where you can sift through clothes on clothes on clothes. 

Moving up the thrift store food chain, we get Beacon’s Closet. They’re a little more organized and so sifting through these clothes isn’t as hectic. They also collect used clothes from top designers and so you’ve got a higher chance of finding some fun vintage collection!



 6: Brooklyn Flea Market


Credit: NYcool


It’s always a fun time browsing the vintage clothes on display at the Brooklyn Flea Market.


This is a favorite in the warmer weathers. On saturdays they set up in Williamsburg, and on sundays it’s Dumbo. They’ve got the best 100 top vendors for vintage finds and you’ll get everything from original polaroids, antique mirrors, and of-course vintage clothes. Even if you don’t buy anything it’s always fun to stop by to see what’s on display.



7: L Train Vintage


L Train Vintage is like your personal shopper for second-hand vintage clothes.

This is a great place for when you don’t have time to dig around other thrift stores. L Train Vintage is like your own personal shopper. They only stock quality vintage clothes that they find themselves so you don’t have to. While it’s a little pricier (for second-hand clothes) you’re paying for convenience. Just take one look at their new arrivals and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Address: 629 Grand St. Brooklyn, New York.




8: Nomad Vintage


credit: image

Couture, tribal, colors, and style. These are the ingredients that make up Katie McDonnell’s eclectic Nomad Vintage shop. Situated in East Village, you could easily spend a few hours pawing through every single piece. I know I have.

Address: 208 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003


Have a favorite vintage store that’s not listed on here? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list!



Have a favorite store that’s not listed on here? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list!



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