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SiiZU is an eco-friendly fashion label based in New York. Our philosophy is simple. To design and deliver beautiful, high-quality apparel made with sustainable manufacturing practices directly to you at an affordable price point.
It all begins with the fabric. We are dedicated to exclusively using fabrics that are 100% organic and eco-friendly for our entire line of clothes. Our talented design and pattern making team consciously utilizes the fabric to its full potential, minimizing waste. 
Our sourcing team has traveled extensively in order to partner with some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Many of our providers also manufacture for some of the world’s biggest luxury designer-brand names, helping us in delivering a high level of craftsmanship and quality to you. It took us one year to find the best factories and fabric suppliers to work with.
The website was launched in June 2016. We are excited to expand our presence and share our philosophy. 



Press Coverage



"For Siizu, sustainability is not merely a promise" – Non-Fast-Fashion Brands That Are Just As Good As Zara

Refinery29- September 26, 2016


"it’s like Everlane moved out of a crammed downtown apartment and into a luxurious SoHo loft… that’s rent controlled."  -Move Over Everlane: SiiZU Is Eco-Friendly, Plus More Affordable And More Luxurious

EcoCult-Dec 05, 2016


" This Sweater makes me feel like a significantly more grown-up version of my new-to-snow self." - Editor's Pick

Fashionista - Dec 07, 2016


Designer Dictionary - Not Just A Label - Dec 08, 2016



For those who appreciate Everlane levels of transparency, they lay out the details of their fabrics and factories online so you can do your research before commiting to a purchase."- The Sweater Brands That Will Keep You Feeling Warm and Fuzzy All Winter Long

StyleCaster - Dec 07,2016





" I can say that I've never worn a dress made out of wood until now-it feels like butter! .so soft and silky smooth!! "- @interiordesignerella


“ This little black number from @siizu_official has been my favorite summer staple ? Lightweight and cut just right, it's such a classic you can't go wrong with. "- @browneyedtoast





American Forest - Non-profit


In our continuous effort on countering our effects on the ecosystem, SiiZU donates generously to help American Forest reach its goal of planting 2.7 million trees across 44 projects nationally this year to restore and protect critical wildlife habitat. Tree fibers are the base of some of our sustainable fabric, and we are hoping to close this ecological loop that SiiZU has created through our partnership with American Forest. You can know that your shopping cart now holds the opportunities for planting a new life, and the best thing is giving back to earth comes at no extra cost to you.


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Raw Silk Fabric  

Chinese Silk Fabric- Download here

Extra Soft

Japanese Tencel/ Cotton Knit- Download here

Japanese Tencel - Download here

Extra Fine Merino Wool - Download here


Why are we more eco-friendly than others? 



Most of the best silk fabric are imported from China. By intentionally keeping the fabric manufacturers and garment factories close to each other, we can minimize the carbon footprint from shipping our materials.