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  • Silk cdc Fabric Swatch

Silk cdc Fabric Swatch

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To assist you in making your choice, we are happy to send you fabric swatches. You can feel the high quality before you place an order online. The Eira Dress was made from 16mm silk cdc fabric. Swatches will arrive in 5-7 business days.


Fabric Content: 100% silk cdc 16mm

How long it takes to biodegrade: 1-3 years

Where it's made: China


Care Instructions

  • Hand or machine wash cold, tumble dry warm. Use a mild detergent and the delicate setting on your machine. Our silk is machine washable but please don't machine dry it! This is a natural fiber, so wash and wear will likely cause slight changes like subtle fading and softening over time, but this only makes the garments better. 

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