Susan Shoulder Bag

$ 88
Color: darkgreen-croc

What is so unique about Susan Bag? You can wear it as a clutch, with a short strap and as a crossbody with long strap :)

Mix and match with our Baroque 16" Real Pearl Strap or Potato 42" Real Pearl Strap for an elegant look.

10% profit from the S By SiiZU handbag Collection will go to to save animals.

  • Eco + Vegan Leather
  • Spot Clean
  • 8" x 4" Height
  • 24" Strap + 46"Strap


    For our Eco-friendly and cruelty-free Handbag Collection, we work with two innovative companies who invented the water-based, eco-friendly and vegan leather.

    TRADITIONAL VEGAN LEATHER manufacturing process contains solvents made of chemical materials containing DMF and other hazardous material, which is cruelty-free but is bad for the environment.
    The leather we used is Cotton-backed Microfibre PU which contains ZERO DMF during the manufacturing process. Our suppliers use water instead of hazardous solvents during the process. More info HERE


    1: Natural grain, gloss, and special touch, and with strength, flexibility, and permeability
    2: Under proper care and maintenance, it is durable for 6 to 7 years.
    3: The available spaces of an animal skin are few, thus it derives problems such as sacrifices of more animals.

    1: Innovative Eco and Vegan leather
    2: Not only raw materials are eco-friendly materials without toxic chemicals, but air pollution and industrial effluent from manufacturing process also up to environmental protection standard.
    3: The durability has improved upon 4 to 10 years.

    1: Raw materials mostly are toxic chemicals (such as DMF and plasticizer). It results in serious enviromental pollution and damage to human health.
    2: It is replacement of genuine leather which can meet human’s keen demand for leather and decrease non-stop killing of animals.
    3: In general cases, synthetic leather is durable for 1 to 3 years.





    To take place of genuine leather.

    100%‭ ‬eco-friendly without toxic chemicals‭.

    The average life span of our materials is over 5‭ ‬years



    Earn 1 Green Point for every $1 you spend.

    We want to reward our customers who support eco fashion. Our Green Reward Program was designed with this core value in mind.

    For a $100 purchase earn $5 back in store credit, 100 Green Points. The points can be redeemed in your account login.

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