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  • Zabie Earrings
  • Zabie Earrings
  • Zabie Earrings
  • Zabie Earrings
  • Zabie Earrings

Zabie Earrings

$ 35.00


Sophisticated in the most organic sense, every pair of these handcrafted Zabie Earrings are as unique as you are. No two pairs offer the same pattern, these vibrant clay earrings are your perfect partner for any occasion. Take them with you next time when you’re out and welcome that extra dose of good vibe to your life.

  • Clay and Brass Bar

approx. 48mm x 25mm

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After each wear, gently wipe make-up and skin oil off with a lens cloth.

Every few wears, rinse piece with lukewarm water, and gently dry with a lens cloth.

Store your Clean Dry Jewelry in a zip bag or an air-tight container.


Don't wear jewelry in hot tubs, pools.

Keep perfume, hairspray, sunscreen, lotions and other chemicals off your jewelry.

Take your jewelry off before bed or gym.

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